Feb 16, 2012
The Spaphile Team

What We Can Learn From Naked People

At Spaphile.com, we know how much you can learn when you’re getting pampered. I’ve been very lucky to have so many great massages, and it’s made me very aware of my body– how I hold my tension, where I’m more sensitive, and what feels best. The other day I read an article by Kate Bartolotta: 8 Things I Learned From 50 Naked People, and I couldn’t agree with it more!

This article talks about what a massage therapy student has experienced in her training. Kate makes a great point: we talk about sex a lot in our culture, but we don’t deal with nakedness well. It makes us uncomfortable. During my first massage, I was definitely aware of my own nakedness– not just physically, but emotionally, and part of my nervous energy came out in chatting with my massage therapist. But once my mind relaxed, my body relaxed. I loved when Kate wrote that she learned “what a person tells me is miniscule compared to what I learn by feeling his skin, muscle and bone. By watching him move. By listening to his breath. By feeling his pulse.”

Right from the start, she reminds us that our bodies don’t lie. “What goes on in your muscles, with your breathing, with your pulse is the truest you: the you that even you might not know yet. It’s a good thing to get in touch with. You’d feel much better if you listened and let your words match up to what your body was saying.” She reminds us to speak up! Say what feels good and what doesn’t!

She also makes an excellent point with number 5: everything we are and have been is written in our bodies. The way that we carry ourselves speaks volumes. I’ve learned how to change things from massages: how to lower and relax my shoulders, how to release tension, how to sit better during the day.

Number 6 and 8 are my favorites though: Your weight is the least interesting thing about you. I promise”, and Your body is a f*cking wonderland. You are amazing just as you are, right now”, respectively. :)

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