Jul 16, 2012

Swimsuit Season!

It is definitely swimsuit weather, and we at Spaphile.com love to get out in the sun and enjoy the lovely days. I love to spend time at the beach or at a lake, and like a lot of girls, finding the right swimsuit can be tough. I’ve prefer one-piece suits, but it’s very important to me that I still feel sexy and cute. Here are a few of my favorites this season!

I love this ASOS Sketchy Floral Plunge Suit! I think the pattern and the cut are so cute and fun!

I think this ASOS Lattice Front Plunge Swimsuit is so cute and fun; I love the lattice front– it let’s you feel sexy without showing off too much.

I think this ASOS Floral Print Tie Front Cut Out Suit is my favorite– I know, I know, another ASOS, but I love them!! Plus, this floral print is just adorable.

 Have fun in these cute suits, and don’t forget your sunscreen! :)

Jul 10, 2012

Spaphile Review – Blow Angels

I am so in love with this “How-To” segment I did with Blow Angels in Santa Monica. The ladies at Blow Angels are hair geniuses and came up with this beautiful braid style for us! Yippy!

This Bohemian Braid Tutorial is so super easy and takes no time to do. The look is perfect for summer as it is loose, flirty and fun! I also think this braid is a FABtastic alternative to up-do’s for all those summer weddings!

Be different and sport this braid at your next party! It looks so amazing!  Have any fun braid styles of your own? Do Share!

Here’s how to do it:

1) Make two French Braid Pig Tails

2) Fold both braids into the back and attach with a bobby pin

3) Attach both separate braids “side by side” with bobby pins until your get half way down the length of your hair

4) Combine the separate “side by side” braids into one to finish this look


Jul 7, 2012
The Spaphile Team

Three Day Rule & Spaphile – Night of Beauty (Part II) Recap

Spaphile and Three Day Rule had yet another successful “Night of Beauty” – this time there were over 300 attendees at the decorative and extravagant Viceroy Santa Monica.

Our special guests received plenty of fabulous amenities which included massages, blowouts, manicures, makeup application, party lashes, product samples, skincare consultation, fashion accessories, jewelry, flowers, candy, fabulous music, and so much more!


Ladies were lined up and ready for their Night of Beauty to begin!

Guests enjoyed delicious treats provided by Pretzel Crisps.

Soothing spa music enhanced the ’Night of Beauty’ experience thanks to David Vaughn Music.


Music by DJ Eddie FM

Relaxing pool-side massages courtesy of Burke Williams Spa

Manicures and color change provided by Nail Garden

Blowouts and braiding provided by Blow Angels

Beautiful party lashes provided by Makeup Mandy‘s LASHX

Brow shapings were provided by award winning brow artist, Kelly Baker

Body and lip radiance provided by Gleam by Melanie Mills

Product samples, gift bags and consultations provided by Skin Owl

Complete acne treatment, Clearogen, on display thanks to Advanced Skin and Hair

Gift cards, consultations and information provided by Spalding Plastic Surgery

Bikinis and sexy swimsuits provided by Nicolita Swimwear

Trendy shoes provided by Sole Society

Women’s clothing, trendy accessories and delicious sweets provided by AsweeT Boutique

Elegant pieces provided by Jewelry by Nola Singer

Extraordinary floral arrangements provided by Simply Petals

Our beautiful guests arrived happy and left even happier.


Our VIP attendees left the event with some amazing gift bags and a little extra swag.

This event helped raise money and awareness for I Am That Girl, a non-profit that inspires and creates communities for women.

Thank you to our wonderful media sponsor, New Beauty Magazine!

It was a beautiful night — and the night was, without a doubt, full of beauty!

We hope to see you at the next one!

For more photos, click here.

Also click here to check out the video recap of the event!

Jul 7, 2012
The Spaphile Team

Night Of Beauty II – Video Recap

Here’s another wonderful video recap of our event!


Jun 28, 2012
The Spaphile Team

Night of Beauty – Video Montage

For those of you who missed our second “Night of Beauty,” here’s a video montage to give you a taste of what it was like!

Spaphile’s Night of Beauty from lowercase productions on Vimeo.

Hope to see you at our next one. :)


The Spaphile Team

Jun 28, 2012
The Spaphile Team

Nail Garden’s “Beauty For a Cause”

Nail Garden’s 2nd Annual “Beauty For A Cause”


The Chase Child Life Program at Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA

Presented by: Nail Garden, Gelish Harmony, Wen Haircare

Co-hosted by Eventbrite and Spaphile


We invite all you to enjoy an evening of complimentary beauty services.  Head over to Nail Garden in Brentwood on Monday, July 9, from 6-9pm and receive complimentary Gelish Harmony Manis, Wen Haircare Blowouts & Styling, Glad Lashes Treatments, Spa on Location Massages, Glittertainment Art, Nail Garden mini polish manis, Mobile Mixtress Fragrance Bar and more.

You will also indulge in desserts, hors d’oeuvres, and specialty drinks.  Feel great as you walk away with fabulous nails, jewelry, beauty treatments and a amazing gift bag valued at over $200.

Get your tickets now – they will sell out!

Click here to get $5 off your admission ticket.  Event code: “BriteNail

Jun 28, 2012

French Fry Holder Flower Arrangement

DIY Wednesday is here and I have a FABtastic flower arrangement to share with all you Spaphile readers! I am so obsessed with this flower design for summer BBQ’s.  It is super cute and super easy to make! You can find the french fry holder and wrappers at World Market.

How To:

1- Take a bunch of Bells of Ireland  and purple Freesia flowers. About 6 Bells of Ireland and 5 Freesia!

2- Lay out the french fry wrapper so its diamond shaped and place the flowers at the top of one of the points.

3- Wrap the flowers making a cone shape and close with double sided tape!

4- Cut the excess wrapping paper into a point and place the “cone” of flowers in the french fry holder!


Jun 11, 2012

The Beverly Hills Chakra Spa

The Beverly Hills Chakra Spa is one of the most interesting spas that I’ve been to for Spaphile.com. The building catches your eye right away; it’s covered in silver sparkles! Who doesn’t love going into a building covered in sparkles? :)



I was a very lucky girl the day that I went to the spa– I got to spend three great hours there. I started my day with a very relaxing massage, courtesy of Erna, in a dimly lit room, which, along with the experienced masseuse, made it so easy to really relax into the fantastic massage.

Usually, a great massage would be special enough, but then I was treated to a chakra alignment! I have to admit, that was the part of my day that I was most excited about. When you go to a spa named after a specific treatment or specialty though, you just have to try it. I had never had my chakras aligned before, but I knew a little about them.

According to traditional Indian medicine, the chakras are considered focal points for the reception and transmission of energies. Different belief systems have a varying number of chakras; the best-known system in the West has seven chakras. Those 7 chakras, from top to bottom, are the Crown Chakra, the Third Eye, the Throat Chakra, the Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Sacral Chakra, and the Base or Root Chakra. Each one is unique and has it’s own special properties.

I was so excited to have my session with Stacy Adams. She is a seventh generation psychic who learned about chakras from her grandmother. She placed stones in my hands, one on my forehead, one on my throat, another on my chest, and the last one on my  stomach. I closed my eyes, and listened as she manipulated the Tibetan bowls that she would use to read me.

I really loved the experience. It was very calming and enlightening. The best way to describe it was the feeling of being inside a bell. I could hear the resonance all around me. We then went into Stacy’s office and she read my Tarot cards. It was another very interesting and exciting experience. I won’t go into the details– those are between me and Stacy, but suffice it to say that after the session, I felt a lot of clarity and very happy. :)



After that, which would have been a great enough day, I had a facial with Carmella. She is an experienced esthetician who gave me great advice on keeping my skin looking fresh and young. We chatted about music– we both liked listening to Norah Jones– and talked about the best products that we both use.

I highly recommend The Beverly Hills Chakra Spa. I had a fantastic day, met wonderful, friendly, and professional people. Those are some of the things that we at Spaphile.com consider most important, so call up The Beverly Hills Chakra Spa today!

Jun 5, 2012

The Exhale Salon in Santa Monica

The Exhale Salon in Santa Monica is nestled in the beautiful Fairmont Miramar Hotel and Bungalows. I love spas in hotels; it always adds an extra level of luxury to your visit. The Fairmont is already beautiful, and visitors to the spa get to enjoy that beauty with their  spa day. I was able to visit the spa and attend one of their core fusion barre classes.

I’ve been taking cardiobarre classes for a little while now, but switching it up and trying a new instructor and class was so great. It really challenged me; who knew you could stay up on your toes that long? It was a great class; Crystal is a fantastic instructor. She really focused on helping each individual person as they moved, and was so positive and motivating– I couldn’t help but smile through the class, even as my muscles were grimacing. What I also loved about the class was the use of props– not just mats, but resistance bands. I really got to stretch my limbs and limits!

After the class, I met with Jennifer, the manager. She showed me the rest of the spa, and I would love to spend a day there. The pool is available to everyone, but there is also a gym that overlooks the pool area, a sauna, and my favorite, a steam room. I love to finish off a day of swimming and relaxing with a good steam that relaxes your whole body.

In addition to the barre classes, there are yoga and boot camp classes. You can also book massages and facials, as well as acupuncture therapies. I highly recommend the Exhale Salon in Santa Monica. Spend the morning at the beach, and then the rest of your day at this gorgeous, luxurious, and fun spa!

May 30, 2012

Chalk Paint Serving Spoons

Today is DIY Wednesday and I would like to share a Hostess Handbook favorite with all you Spaphile readers!

Summer  is approaching and these Krylon Chalk paint serving spoons are a FABtastic way to mark your food for a BBQ or backyard party! No more need for description cards at each food station. These ‘Buffet Cards” are so much cuter and super simple to make. And did we mention practical?

Take wooden serving spoons and paint about 3 inches in the middle of the handle. Make sure to use two coats and let dry fully before writing with chalk.

We like using these Krylon chalk paint serving spoons for specific dishes such as wild rice and lemon chicken. The serving spoons will make any dish kitschy and they are super inexpensive to make and can be used over and over again!